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Integrating DMExpress with Informatica PowerCenter

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Syncsort DMExpress is known for its extreme performance. Customers can integrate DMExpress with Informatica PowerCenter to accelerate the performance of their existing Informatica solutions in the following ways:

Here we focus on the first two methods to invoke a DMExpress job/task from Informatica PowerCenter.


Additional Information

Configuring Source Qualifier Properties

The Source Qualifier properties under the Mapping tab of the session properties window define which command is run to generate the data for an Informatica flat file source. When calling a DMExpress job/task to generate the data, the following properties must be set to the indicated values, with all remaining properties set to default values:

Property Value Description
Input Type Command Type of the input source. "Command" indicates that the command replaces the source file.
Command Type Command Generating Data Indicates that the command generates the input data.
Command <call to wrapper script> The call to the wrapper script that runs the dmxjob/dmexpresscommand that writes target data to standard output, e.g. ksh /opt/dmx/dmx_sort.sh
Source File Type Direct Indicates that the source file (in this case standard output) contains the actual data.


112_ShellScripts.txt contains the sample shell scripts.

Note that no commands can follow the dmexpress or dmxjob command in the scripts.

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