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Accessing Data in Excel Spreadsheets

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Excel spreadsheets are a popular way to store and view small to medium-sized data sets, and data stored in Excel can be used in DMExpress tasks in the following ways:

DMExpress can access an Excel spreadsheet as a source/target by doing the following:

This article describes the ODBC method, specifically for Microsoft Excel 2010 and 32-bit DMExpress on either 32-bit or 64-bit Windows; it does not work on 64-bit DMExpress as there is currently no 64-bit ODBC driver for Excel.

This technique will not work on UNIX or Linux systems due to limitations of ODBC functionality on those platforms. For access to Excel data on UNIX / Linux, you must either export the data to CSV or use a free or commercial conversion utility.


Additional Information

For more information on specifying database sources/targets, see Source Database Table dialog and Target Database Table dialogin the DMExpress Help.

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