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Setting up SFTP Remote File Connections using Public Key Authentication

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To enable DMExpress to access remote files at design and run time using Secure File Transfer Protocol (Secure FTP or SFTP) with public key authentication, you must do the following:

  1. Create an SSH key pair, distribute the key pair to all machines that will connect to the SFTP server, and add the public key contents to the authorized_keys file on the SFTP server.
  2. Set up the File Browsing Connection in DMExpress for design time SFTP access using the created key pair.
  3. Define the SFTP key set on the DMExpress server machine that will connect to files remotely via SFTP.
  4. Define the Remote File Connection in DMExpress for run time SFTP access and point it to the defined key set.


In the following scenario, machine A is a Windows system where the DMExpress client is running, machine B is a remote machine where the DMExpress server is running, and machine C is a remote machine where the SFTP server is running and where remote files reside.

One way for DMExpress to be able to access the remote files (both at design time on machine A, and at run time on machine B) is via SFTP with public key authentication. In this case, we need to establish two SFTP connections:

Note that if the SFTP server and DMExpress server are running on the same machine, then the files are local at runtime and the SFTP connection is only needed at design time between the DMExpress client and the SFTP server.

Execute the following steps to set up the necessary SFTP connections.

Additional Information

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