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How to Determine a Machine's Nodename

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A machine’s nodename, which is case-sensitive in DMExpress, can be found with the hostname command on Windows, and with the uname -ncommand on UNIX/Linux.

Determining the nodename is necessary when performing any of the following:


Determining the Nodename

The command used to display the nodename varies by system:

While nodenames are case-insensitive on Windows, they are case-sensitive in DMExpress.

Windows machines only use a single "computer name" to refer to a machine, so the nodename is equivalent to the computer name.

On UNIX/Linux machines, a machine's network "hostname" and its system "nodename" are typically identical, but this is not enforced. Be sure to use the uname command to get the nodename, not the hostname command, which returns the hostname.

Using the Nodename

The nodename of a machine is needed in the following situations:

Additional Information

For information on the INVNODE error, see Resolving the INVNODE License Key Error.

For information on nodename limitations on HP-UX systems, see Resolving the DMExpress Licensing Issue Caused by HP-UX Nodename Limitation.

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