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Resolving the SWEXH Error

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The DMExpress error SWEXH is issued while running aggregate, sort, or join tasks, when invoking these tasks from another program, or when DMExpress is invoked as a sort plugin.

To resolve this issue, provide additional work space or compress the temporary work files.


The message DMExpress: (SWEXH) all available work space is exhausted is issued under the following conditions:


Resolving the SWEXH error involves providing additional work space. You can define any number of work space locations.

To optimize I/O performance, specify local disks, not network disks, for work space.

To resolve the SWEXH error, do one of the following

Additional Information

For See the following topics in the DMExpress Help

information about:

  • when DMExpress uses work space
  • the default locations used by DMExpress to write temporary work files
  • the amount of work space required
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