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Resolving the SRVAUTHFAIL Error

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The SRVAUTHFAIL error is generated when the DMExpress remote server rejects a connection request from the DMExpress client.

To resolve this error:


The error (SRVAUTHFAIL) the user name or password is not found is generated under the following conditions:


Verify the User Name and Password Required to Connect to the Remote Server

From a telnet/SSH client other than DMExpress, for example, Putty, verify whether you can connect to the remote server using your user name and password.

If you cannot connect to the remote server from a telnet/SSH client, correct your login credentials and verify that you can connect to the remote server.

Verify the PAM Configuration on the DMExpress Remote Server

See the PAM authentication section in the DMExpress Help topic "Configuring the DMExpress Service".

Additional Information

For more information on this error, search SRVAUTHFAIL in the DMExpress Help.

DMExpress does not currently support PAM on the HP-UX PA-RISC platform. You must use a non-PAM ID to connect to the DMExpress service on this platform. For additional information on this, contact Syncsort Technical Support at (201) 930-8270 or, or contact your local agent.

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