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Resolving the INVPROD License Key Error

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The INVPROD license key error is generated when the DMExpress license key file used to install DMExpress or run the applykey utility is actually a license key file for a different Syncsort product.

To resolve this error, verify whether your license key file is for DMExpress and not another Syncsort product, and either run the applykey utility or obtain and apply a new DMExpress license key file.


The error (INVPROD) the license key (<text>) is not valid is generated when installing DMExpress or running the applykey utility and the license key file supplied is not actually a DMExpress license key.

DMExpress will look for a file named DMExpressLicense.txt, but if that file is a renamed license key for another Syncsort product, it will fail with this error.


Resolve the INVPROD error as follows:

  1. Verify whether the license key file being used is actually a DMExpress license key file and not a renamed license key file for another Syncsort product.

    In the following example of a DMExpress license key file (with the actual license key masked out with x’s), note that the license key in the last row consists of 12 sets of 5 characters each, and the comment line above it indicates that it is for DMExpress:

    # The following line is REQUIRED and must be the first line in license key file.

    "ABC Corp"


    # DMExpress 07/01/2011 12/02/2013 "node_u1" "x86_64" 16 * * 13324 224 1024 0 0 0 99.99.99 * X999-1

    xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

  2. If the license key file appears to be a valid DMExpress license key file, you may not have applied the (correct) license key; try reapplying the key.
  3. Otherwise, obtain and apply a new key.
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