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Resolving Error Limit Issue with Teradata TPT Stream Operator

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When running a DMExpress task that writes to a Teradata target table using the Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) Stream Operator with an error limit specified, the task may continue running even after the error limit has been exceeded.

This is caused by a known Teradata issue, documented by Teradata as DR 147138. An update is available from Teradata to address this issue. An alternative workaround is also available, but may degrade performance.


An affected DMExpress task will continue to run, and may complete, even if the number of records rejected by Teradata exceeds the error limit specified in the target’s Teradata Utility Settings. The error records are rejected as expected; however, the task does not immediately abort when the limit has been reached, and further records are processed.

The problem occurs when running a task meeting all of the following conditions:


To resolve the issue, upgrade to TTU or higher.

If upgrading TTU is not an option, export the following environment variable on the server where the affected task runs:


This setting causes DMExpress to force the TPT Stream operator to use a pack factor of 1. While it prevents the issue from occurring, it does so at the cost of degraded performance, so upgrading TTU is preferred.

Additional Information

For additional information about this Teradata issue, refer to DR 147138 at

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