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How to Achieve INSTR Functionality

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INSTR, or Instring, is a function in VB, PL/SQL, and Informatica that searches an input string for a specific occurrence of a substring, and returns the location of the first character of that instance of the substring in the input string.

As of release 7.14, DMExpress offers a native InString function. We recommend upgrading to a release that supports the native function for improved performance/efficiency, but if you are on a prior release, you can implement INSTR functionality by using a combination of the DMExpress functions Extract and LengthOf.


The INSTR function takes the following parameters as input:

It returns the position of the specified occurrence of the search string in the input string.

For example, the following call to INSTR would return 15:

INSTR("The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.", "ain", 2)

Attachments, compatible with DMExpress version 7.9 or higher

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