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Processing Twitter JSON Data

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JSON data format is widely used in modern client/server applications such as Twitter due to its compactness over XML and its data-centric design.

DMExpress can process UTF-8 JSON input data via the JSON Reader task. The output from the JSON reader can subsequently be used in other downstream tasks within a DMExpress job.


The DMExpress JSON Reader task enables JSON data to be treated as a DMExpress source. Specifically, the JSON Reader converts a UTF-8 JSON source into a UTF-8 CSV (comma-separated values) output, which can then be read by other DMExpress tasks.

The attached example contains the following:

Below are the steps to create and run this job.

Attachments, compatible with DMExpress version 7.12 or higher

Additional Information

For details on JSON, go to

For additional information on JSON handling using DMExpress, see JSON in the DMExpress Help.

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