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How to Add a Timestamp to the Target Filename

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Environment variables based on system date and time commands can be used to add a timestamp to the name of a target file generated by DMExpress.


Additional Information

See Running a job from the command prompt or Running a task from a command prompt in the DMExpress Help.

For additional information on job customization, see Customizing the job script in the DMExpress Help. For performance and portability considerations, see Custom Tasks Preferred Over Job Customization.

Windows environment variables are referenced via enclosing % characters, for example, %eTIME%, but within DMExpress, the Unix/Linux environment variable syntax of a preceding $ character followed by enclosing curly braces, for example, ${eTIME}, works for both Windows and Unix/Linux environments.

Since the eDATEand eTIME environment variables are actually expanding underlying commands, they cannot be defined in the Environment Variables tab of the DMExpress Server dialog.

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