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DMX-h Use Case Accelerator: File CDC

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Syncsort has provided a set of use case accelerators (UCAs) to help users understand how to implement DMX-h ETL solutions in a Hadoop MapReduce framework.

The File CDC and File CDC MultiTargets use case accelerators demonstrate how to perform Change Data Capture (CDC), a process where previous and current versions of a large data set are compared to determine the changes that have occurred during the time period between the two versions. Both examples join two large files, and vary only in the output they produce:


The following attachments are available for understanding and running these UCAs:

Additional Information

See the Guide to DMX-h ETL Use Case Accelerators for an overview of how the set of use case accelerators are organized and how to run them.

For general guidance on developing and running DMX-h ETL solutions, see Developing DMX-h ETL Jobs and Running DMX-h ETL Jobs in the DMExpress Help.

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