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DMExpress Hardware Sizing Calculator

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Planning capacity and sizing hardware for DMExpress is a very complex task. Numerous factors – I/O speed, database extract/load speed, CPU speed, number of cores, memory, network speed, data sizes, job design, data formats, data types, field lengths, and many more – can all have significant impacts on hardware sizing.

Ultimately, the best predictor of resource requirements is to build the jobs and test them against production size data, but initially, you'll need to come up with at least a baseline idea of required hardware. To aid in the process, we have created a sizing calculator that combines user input with a set of assumptions to come up with a recommended hardware configuration as a starting point.


The attached DMExpress Hardware Sizing Calculator is an Excel-based tool for estimating DMExpress hardware sizing needs.

Hardware often needs to be acquired before the design of the targeted ETL processing – task types, source data sizes, where files may need to be landed, and source/target systems – is fully known. This leaves a lot of variables to be determined in order to determine hardware recommendations.

The calculator uses the following elements to come up with a current and projected hardware sizing configuration:



Additional Information

Calculation Methodology

Following is a general explanation of the calculator methodology to give you an understanding of where it may stray from your proposed environment.

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