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Identifying Tasks in a DMExpress Job

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When removing a task from a DMExpress job, the associated task file is not automatically removed from the solution folder. With multiple such changes over time, it can become difficult to determine which task files belong to a given job.

You can use the DMExpress job report utility together with a provided script to create a CSV file containing the job and task files associated with a DMExpress job.


The DMExpress job report utility, dmxreport, provides detailed information about a job, including the referenced job and task files. The attached script, listdmxjobtasks.bat, runs dmxreport and uses the output to produce a comma-separated values (CSV) list of the job and task files referenced in the specified job(s) for easy comparison with your directory listing.


listdmxjobtasks.bat, the batch script to list tasks in a job

listdmxjobtasks.txt (if your company policy prohibits downloading of batch files directly, download this version and change .txt to .bat for running)

Additional Information

Since the dmxreport utility uses the Windows GUI objects to report on the job, it is only available on Windows, and thus the listdmxjobtasks.bat utility will only run on a Windows platform from the command line.

For additional information about the DMExpress Job Report feature, see Maintaining a DMExpress application in the DMExpress Help.

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