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Processing DMExpress Job Logs

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DMExpress job log files contain information about a given job run, including job start/end time, source/target size and record count, and execution status. Collating these data points is useful for detailed job status reporting, auditing, and troubleshooting.

DMExpress itself can be used to process these job logs, consolidating information about the job execution into a single record for easy review and storage.


The attached DMExpress log processing job takes one or multiple DMExpress text log files as input, and outputs a one-line status report for every individual process.


49_JobLogProcessing.zip, compatible with DMExpress version 8.0.5 or higher

Additional Information

The log processing job does not process MapReduce logs or database sources/targets, and it only processes UNIX (LF terminated) text logs.

DMExpress has an option to output log information in either XML or text format, defaulting to XML in the Run Job dialog, and to text when running via the command line (dmxjob or dmexpress).

See Running the job from a command prompt, Run Job dialog, and DMExpress Server dialog in the DMExpress Help for details on setting environment variables and running jobs.

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